Kinostar – Apple TV+ distribution services




Kinostar is an official Apple TV+ aggregator for Film and TV content. We have a world wide contract with Apple TV+, and can distribute your movies and TV programs in the available Apple TV+ stores around the world.

We offer full Apple TV+ services including the complete technical handling of your movies and TV programs, releasing them on Apple TV+, promotion, accounting and payment.

Our services include:

  • Full technical handling of all your movies and TV programs
  • Fixing of smaller technical issues in-house
  • Encoding in an Apple TV+ approved lab, for example Visual Data or Premiere Digital Services
  • Release schedule planning
  • Apple TV+ pre-order for recent theatrical releases
  • Promotion on Apple TV+ and social media
  • Monthly accounting & payment
  • Storage of your content

If you have one movie or a whole library, we´re looking forward to working with you.

Please contact us anytime at
or at +49-711-24 83 79 0