Poster Sifir Bir

Türkei, 2020

Sifir Bir

  • 20. May 2020
  • Action, Drama
  • Türkei, 2020
  • Directed by: Kadri Beran Taskin
  • Cast: Savas Satis, Onur Akbay, Burak Akyüz
  • In Turkish with subtitles

Savaş, a gang leader from Adana, and his close friends Cihat and Azad left their illegitimate life behind and moved to İzmir with their new identity, opened a car wash. Cengo and the others, whom they left in Adana to take care of the business and the neighbourhood, are gaining ground as respectable brothers. Savaş and the others are determined not to go back to their illegitimate life and to live without taking a gun in their hand again… It all changes when a little girl called Melek – after having found her dying mother, whose organs have been taken, in a hotel room – escapes from the attempted harassment of the bad men who took her mother’s organs and takes refuge in Savaş and his friends.