Poster Not Perfect Man

2. February 2020

Not Perfect Man

  • 2. February 2020
  • Comedy, Romance, Sci Fi
  • Russia, 2019
  • 89 min.
  • Directed by: Maryus Vaysberg
  • Cast: Egor Bulatkin, , Yuliya Aleksandrova, Yana Koshkina, Roman Kurtsyn

Sveta is a young pretty girl who is disastrously unlucky in her personal life. After another personal drama, Sveta changes her job – she gets a job in a company selling humanoid robots that have long been a familiar part of people’s lives. These robots are able to guess the needs of man, to adapt to their needs and habits. When one of the robots discovers a malfunction in the program, the store owners decide to write off the defective copy, but Sveta persuades them to sell the unfortunate robot to her. Marriage at work seems to Sveta a manifestation of personality: kind, sensitive, caring – it seems Sveta fell in love.

In russian language