Kurtulus Son Durak - Turkey, 2011
Poster Kurtulus Son Durak

Turkey, 2011

Kurtulus Son Durak

  • 12. January 2012
  • Comedy
  • Turkey, 2011
  • 104 min.
  • Directed by: Yusuf Pirhasan
  • Cast: Demet Akbag, Belçim Bilgin, Asuman Dabak, Nihal Yalçin, Ayten Soykök
  • In Turkish with subtitles
  • Homepage Kurtulus Son Durak (auf türkisch)

The ordinary women of an ordinary neighborhood have never been this provocative! When the women each try to cheer up psychologist Eylem (Belçim Bilgin), a newcomer to the building recently dumped by her boyfriend, nothing will ever be the same!
And that goes double for the men in their lives!

Meet Vartanus (Demet Akbag), who’s devoted her life to her bedridden father; Göncagül (Nihal Yalçin), who realizes that her Mafioso lover will never marry her; Gülnür, who’s resigned herself to daily beatings as long as her husband doesn’t touch the kids; Tülay (Damla Sönmez), who’s shattered every time her mother gets beaten; hairdresser Füsün (Asuman Dabak), who tends to looks at things on the bright side… These are the women who transport first Eylem, then themselves and, finally, perhaps every woman in the country, to the KURTULUS SON DURAK

Our heroines adopt one unwavering principle: “To oppose all forms of violence!”
A dark comedy that’s rose-tinted, provocative and fantastic…