Niyazi Gül Dörtnala - Turkey, 2015
Poster Niyazi Gül Dörtnala

Turkey, 2015

Niyazi Gül Dörtnala

  • 15. May 2015
  • Comedy
  • Turkey, 2015
  • 106 min.
  • Directed by: Hakan Algül
  • Cast: Ata Demirer, Demet Akbag, Sebnem Bozoklu
  • In Turkish with subtitles

Professor Niyazi Gül, a veterinary surgeon, leads what he considers a quiet life. He divides his time between teaching university students in the veterinary department and, with his assistant, Hediye’s help, searching for the missing ingredient in a magic formula handed down from his grandfather. But when the troublesome lovers, Sultan and Riza, decide to race their horses and hear about Niyazi’s elixir for animals, things begin to get complicated. In his mission to find the missing ingredient, Niyaz finds himself pitched into an action-packed adventure full of surprises…