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  • Comedy
  • Turkey, 2017
  • Directed by: Gupse Özay
  • Cast: Gupse Özay, Derya Alabora, Esin Eden
Now playing


  • 18. January 2018
  • Comedy
  • Turkey, 2017
  • 106 min.
  • Directed by: Gupse Özay
  • Cast: Gupse Özay, Derya Alabora, Esin Eden
  • In Turkish with subtitles

Still crazy and very candid, Zeliha constantly gets herself in all kinds of trouble. After looking for love in the first film, she now wants to climb the career ladder in the sequel. Dreaming of becoming a cook, she starts to work in an exclusive restaurant.
Will Zeliha’s dream come true or will reality break her heart?

Gupse Özay adopts the role of screenwriter and leading actress in her films “Deliha“ and „“Görümce“. “Deliha 2“ marks her directorial debut in which she will entertain the audience once more with her likeable personality and an amusing story.

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